Air360 is an e-commerce analytics web-application focused on usability and conversion.I designed their application, browser extension and worked on their rebrand and promotion. Year: 2022/23Client: Air360/Scalefast/ESW www.air360.ioLocation: Madrid, SpainProject: Contract


Moveco is an electric mobility company in Madrid, Spain.I designed their brand, responsive website, CRM system, cardealer portal, email marketing, promotion and more. Year: 2020-2021Client: Moveco.esLocation: Madrid, SpainProject: Product Design & Design Consulting

Pro Well Plan

I designed worlds first data-driven, machine-learning, well-planning app for engineers in the petroleum industry. Year: 2016-2020Client: Pro Well Plan A.S.Location: Bergen, NorwayProject: Product Design of an Oil-Welling & Drilling Planner Application


Preisheld (Pricehero) is a couponing and cashback startup in Hamburg.I designed the concept, style, website, browser extension, promotion and their transactional emails. Illustration of Pricehero was done by Npire. Year: 2015-2016Client: Preisheld GmbHLocation: Hamburg, GermanyProject: Concept & Design of a Couponing and Cashback Platform


TruckPro is an AI-based job-matching application, it connects truck drivers with truck companies. I designed their website and CRM system. 2017Client: JobMatchMe GmbHLocation: Hamburg, GermanyProject: Concept & Design of JobMatchMe & TruckPro


Dreamlines is an online cruise and travel portal based in Hamburg, Germany. I worked on improving the overall design and quality of the brand and product. One of the goals was to introduce a coherent design language and to guide the company towards a more consistent branding and product experience. I provided style guides, specifications…

Cruise TV App

An app for the TV, designed to be the digital portal of a ship.The user can use a remote to navigate though the ship, its decks, activities and events. Year: 2016Client: CamouflagedLocation: –Project: Concept & Design of a TV App for in-Cabin Cruise Experience

Radio Car App

Concept and Design for making your own radio-playlists in the car Year: 2016Client: TeraVoltLocation: Hamburg, GermanyProject: Concept & Design for a Radio-Mixer + Music Player in the Car


Fashionfitr calculates your correct clothing size. I designed their e-Commerce Plugin for Mobile & Web. Year: 2016Client: FashionFitrLocation: Deventer, The NetherlandsProject: Design of an e-commerce tool and browser extension.

Politie Apps

In service of Service2Media I did the design of the Dutch National Police Apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10. Year: 2013Client: Service2MediaLocation: Enschede, The NetherlandsProject: Visual Design of Police App Suite (iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry)

Gulf News Apps

In service of Service2Media I did the visual design of the Gulf News Apps. Year: 2013Client: Service2MediaLocation: Enschede, The NetherlandsProject: Visual Design of Gulf News App Suite for Phone & Tablet (iOS, Android, Windows)