A Dutch freelance Product Designer working remotely and onSite across Europe

I love to design digital products and services.
From the very first briefing and sketch to an effective and successful product.

I work together with a wide range of specialists and stakeholders to provide the best possible solutions and product experience.

I strongly believe in ‘User-centric design’ in order to create a great product experience. User-centric design means: understanding what your users need, want, how they think, and behave and incorporate that understanding into every aspect of the design process.

I give guidance and direction in the design and development process and am the guardian of the products overall quality, usability, consistency and ease of use.

I had the honour and privilege to work on 175+ projects and I worked with all kinds of clients, from creative agencies, young startups to e-commerce and software corporations.

About Daan
Daan Brusse Van der Veen (34)


Agencies & Media

1SocialMedia, Enschede 🇳🇱 

Buro Blink, Enschede 🇳🇱

Flying Pixel, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Fuduzi Media, Enschede 🇳🇱

Hifi Video Test (HVT), Nijmegen 🇳🇱

Service2Media, Enschede 🇳🇱

TeraVolt, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Zeit.io, Göttingen 🇩🇪

Ziggo, Utrecht 🇳🇱

Artists, Creative & Culture 

ADP Architecten, Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Anneke Zorgt, Enschede 🇳🇱

Benno Thoma Fotografie, Enschede 🇳🇱

Betty Spijker Schildert, Enschede 🇳🇱

Fabian Darga, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Floris Brasser Sculptures, Lochem 🇳🇱

Fotoarchief Brusse, Enschede 🇳🇱

Groene Esch, Enschede 🇳🇱

Inkrowd Tattoos, Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Judith Beulink, Gorssel 🇳🇱

Mart de Bruin, Antwerpen 🇧🇪

Meetucate, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Nationaal Muziekkwartier, Enschede 🇳🇱

Roun Zieverink, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Serendipity, Gorssel 🇳🇱

Redlight Tattoos, Amsterdam 🇳🇱

Van Der Jeugd Architecten, Enschede 🇳🇱

Qua Art Qua Science, Enschede 🇳🇱

Software & eCommerce

56Avenue, Zutphen 🇳🇱

Dreamlines, Hamburg 🇩🇪

ePages, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Fashionfitr, Deventer 🇳🇱

Gentleman’s Agreement, Hamburg 🇩🇪

JobMatchMe, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Moveco, Madrid 🇪🇸

Pricehero, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Pro Well Plan, Bergen 🇳🇴

Bars, Shops & Services

Het Bolke, Enschede 🇳🇱

Café het Bolwerk, Enschede 🇳🇱

Fietswerkplaats De Versnelling, Enschede 🇳🇱

Gelateria Talamini, Enschede 🇳🇱

Hansys IT, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Mise en Place, Enschede 🇳🇱

Employment Services & Government

Actief naar Werk, Zwolle 🇳🇱

ASN, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Beschermingsbewind, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Briljant Advies, Enschede 🇳🇱

BTW&OG, Doetichum 🇳🇱

DCW Bedrijven, Enschede 🇳🇱

.Diesveld, Best 🇳🇱

Inloopcentrum, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Jobcoachbureau De Brug, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Gemeente Enschede, Enschede 🇳🇱

ML Management, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Ondernemers Service Nederland, Zwolle 🇳🇱

OnlineKarriereTag, Hamburg 🇩🇪

Oranje BHV, Utrecht 🇳🇱

Province Overijssel, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Stichting WeeraanhetWerkNu, Zwolle 🇳🇱

Workstep, Enschede 🇳🇱