Air360 is an e-commerce analytics web-application focused on usability and conversion.I designed their application, browser extension and worked on their rebrand and promotion. Year: 2022/23Client: Air360/Scalefast/ESW www.air360.ioLocation: Madrid, SpainProject: Contract


Micole is a Spain’s nr 1 public and private schoolfinder. I was asked to re-design their website. Year: 2021Client: MicoleLocation: Madrid, SpainProject: Website Re-Design


Ixorigue allows farmers and rangers to manage and track their livestock, detect early symptoms, diseases, pregnancies and more.I designed their new brand and responsive website, and gave direction in photography and video (drone). Year: 2021Client: Ixorigue.comLocation: Madrid, SpainProject: Brand & Website Design


Moveco is an electric mobility company in Madrid, Spain.I designed their brand, responsive website, CRM system, cardealer portal, email marketing, promotion and more. Year: 2020-2021Client: Moveco.esLocation: Madrid, SpainProject: Product Design & Design Consulting

Pro Well Plan

I designed worlds first data-driven, machine-learning, well-planning app for engineers in the petroleum industry. Year: 2016-2020Client: Pro Well Plan A.S.Location: Bergen, NorwayProject: Product Design of an Oil-Welling & Drilling Planner Application


Preisheld (Pricehero) is a couponing and cashback startup in Hamburg.I designed the concept, style, website, browser extension, promotion and their transactional emails. Illustration of Pricehero was done by Npire. Year: 2015-2016Client: Preisheld GmbHLocation: Hamburg, GermanyProject: Concept & Design of a Couponing and Cashback Platform

Morning Bash

Mobile & Web design for ‘The Morning Bash’ a knowledge sharing community in Hamburg.


TruckPro is an AI-based job-matching application, it connects truck drivers with truck companies. I designed their website and CRM system. 2017Client: JobMatchMe GmbHLocation: Hamburg, GermanyProject: Concept & Design of JobMatchMe & TruckPro


A concept I made for Finanzcheck to improve their usability on mobile and increase their visual attractiveness.    


Dreamlines is an online cruise and travel portal based in Hamburg, Germany. I worked on improving the overall design and quality of the brand and product. One of the goals was to introduce a coherent design language and to guide the company towards a more consistent branding and product experience. I provided style guides, specifications…

Cruise TV App

An app for the TV, designed to be the digital portal of a ship.The user can use a remote to navigate though the ship, its decks, activities and events. Year: 2016Client: CamouflagedLocation: –Project: Concept & Design of a TV App for in-Cabin Cruise Experience

Radio Car App

Concept and Design for making your own radio-playlists in the car Year: 2016Client: TeraVoltLocation: Hamburg, GermanyProject: Concept & Design for a Radio-Mixer + Music Player in the Car


Fashionfitr calculates your correct clothing size. I designed their e-Commerce Plugin for Mobile & Web. Year: 2016Client: FashionFitrLocation: Deventer, The NetherlandsProject: Design of an e-commerce tool and browser extension.

Gentleman’s Agreement

Gentleman’s Agreement is a Fashion label based in Hamburg.I designed their style, webshop, checkout process and promotion. Year: 2015Client: Gentleman’s AgreementLocation: Hamburg, GermanyProject: Design of Webshop